Oct 14, 2013

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Aries Full Moon: Lunar Eclipse 2013

movingsignsI’m offering the Forecast for 10/18 in advance because it is a Lunar Eclipse. This Full Moon may arouse continued passions depending how much is on the table. It is important to respect both sides in negotiations, including when the compromise is within you.

You may be one of those people at a crossroads, especially if you’ve Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn strong in your horoscope. The Aries Full Moon occurs at 7:38 p.m. ET on 10/18 when it triggers the Lunar Eclipse.

The Libra Sun lights up the Aries Moon. Full Moons always have a mirroring/relationship component, but this one really emphasizes that because Libra is the sign about relating and its opposite, Aries is about the individual’s sense of separation from the whole. At this time of integration, we are faced with the “I am” voice within the relationship. If a relationship has an imbalance, then it’s time to throw some light on that. In other words, if the relationship is more important that the individuals within it, or if the individuals are not willing to compromise in ways to retain the relationship, then it’s a reckoning.

The light of this Full Moon will be blocked for a time by the Earth as its orbit puts it between the moon and the Sun, creating the Lunar Eclipse. Observe how the material (Earth) gets in the way of any clarity in your feelings. Perhaps someone is using a financial, physical or perceived obligation to hold the other in place. This may seem particularly intense a couple of days to and on the eclipse, but as it separates so too may the emotional charge.

man-carrying-gifts astrologySabian Symbols provide a lens with which to interpret what makes this Aries Full Moon different than another. “A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold” is the symbol for the Moon in Aries. This strikes me as a paradox.

The Aries force is fierce and fired for its goal, however fleeting. These gifts are peripheral, not integral. Only by giving the gift to someone else does he achieve balance. There are too many to allow him to integrate the essence of the gift and then pass it on to someone else. A decision must be made.

headstartkids-aries full moon

A fair system is quite impossible now that corporations are entitled to most of the legal rights of a person (without the same responsibilities). Now that Pluto is in Capricorn, we see the repercussions of these legal decisions, although it may seem impossible to change.

One can only expand to true abundance when the wealth is spread. In the words of Dolly Levi: “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.”

This isn’t solely about money. Are you someone who struggles with where to put your focus and energy? It is time to put down one or some of the gifts; it may be time to share them with someone else or let someone help you carry the load. Sometimes a gift is actually a burden when it keeps you from your heartfelt desire.

What is your most self-oriented wish? How do other enticements, offerings or gifts pull you off center? Which person or people in your life are your most trusted cheering section?

dove_eagle-sabian copyIn contrast, the symbol for the Libra Sun is:
 ”An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other”. This is a stunning contrast to the prior symbol, as it shows the fluidity of two into one. The eagle is a predator, it flies high and wide; there is no hesitation as it swoops down on its mark or soars to its vision. It is a symbol of courage and stamina.

The dove is widely known to symbolize peace and nurturing. Since these birds morph into one another in this symbol, it suggests that this is a moment to be kind to you. Recognize your ability to make right choices. It is time to welcome only those relationships that support and champion your goals, whether business, friendship, romantic or any partnership.

The Aries Full Moon holds an invitation to integrate the thrust of each individual’s desire within the umbrella of compromise, mediation and relationship. However, when we reject the invitation, we are polarized and therefore paralyzed. Move forward in whatever way possible.
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  1. Just yesterday as I was driving home I noticed how beautiful and large the moon looked, and I knew we were heading towards a full moon. I feel very connected to the moon, and reading about the astrological events and meaning help me enter a new level of relationship. I don’t exactly know how what you’ve written relates to me at the moment, but I plan to reflect on it in the days ahead.

  2. awesome the Moon was Full right on my Aries sun at 25 degrees and I have been feeling it somewhat! I was talking with a friend about whats going on globally and how people are the waking up, the who 1%,5% and 99%,95% issue of equality of wealth, resources etc and the way forward, a collective one. What with Uranus in Aries calling for innovation (ie doing something new) Pluto in Capricorn uncovering all the secrets, lies and dark energy around coroporotism and people waking up to this. Plus Jupiter in cancer expanding feelings around this, feelings of enough is enough and feelings of yes perhaps there is a fairer/better way! we are all in this together as individulas, groups etc….. So choices and working together yes! Thanks for this.
    jakeb arturio braden recently posted..Gay men and body Image issues

  3. The weekend of the 19th and 20th was a magical collapsing of time as relationships from the past met in a new moment – like the eagle and the dove merging. Peace in Action is the eagle (strength and aggression) in the dove (peace and respect). Being peace in action and living a communal experience of active peace is life’s fulfillment. I thank the universe for giving us these wonderful opportunities.
    suna recently posted..Peace in Action, Part 2 — ‘Feeding’ Peace

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