Oct 22, 2013

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Marianne Williamson’s Bid to Run for Congress- an astrology POV

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

The spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, best known for her interpretations of A Course in Miracles, announced her candidacy for California’s District 33 in the U.S. House of Representatives on 10/20/2013.

Marianne Williamson‘s beautiful voice has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to look at life differently through her presentations of A Course in Miracles. Historically a cabaret singer, her personal renaissance began in 1983 when with $1000 in her pocket she moved from NY to CA. Through the course of that year, Pluto (symbolizing death and transformation) made a geometric picture to the position of her horoscope‘s Moon (emotional center). This signifies a highly challenging time in her life, usually fraught with lessons of surrender. Her ascension from obscurity to a household name, is testimony to her ability to come out of the ashes victorious.

Marianne Williamson Horoscope

Marianne Williamson Horoscope

People who have worked to become famous always have horoscopes that show challenges, and Marianne Williamson is no exception.  One standout is that her Capricorn Moon has no connection with any other planet: an unaspected Moon. When this occurs a person may not be aware of how they react emotionally until it hits them over the head. Then she reacts in a disruptive way as the genie pops out of the bottle, so to speak. She also was born with the planet Uranus in line with her Sun and Venus, indicating a tendency to act spontaneously which to others may seem unpredictable.

In spite of her teaching persona, Williamson is reputed to have a backstage abrasive nature.  A Course in Miracles has enabled her to harness this erratic streak,  because her intention is to work in partnership to create a more loving world. Her horoscope shows that in spite of her passion to do so, she does not inherently understand how to negotiate cooperatively. Like a great therapist, she works hard on herself. She is so good at teaching ACIM because it helps her.

Her decision to run for office was announced on 10/20/13 in Beverly Hills, when Jupiter (symbolizing luck, opportunity) had just touched the position of her Venus (values, love). This coupled with Neptune (spirituality, unconscious connectedness) coming to her Midheaven (career point) indicates that this bid is motivated by a desire to help and heal. Perhaps the strongest picture is Pluto (transformation) triggering Chiron (the healer/teacher). Regardless of the outcome of her announcement, it will propel her message to an audience that has heretofore not received it. Unlike a starry-eyed spiritual teacher, Williamson has a thick skin that comes with the Capricorn Moon, in spite of her caring Cancer Sun and Venus. She has the resilience to deal in the political arena.

Whether she wins or not, creating a visible platform as a candidate with a “Return to Love” mandate helps to change the vibratory energy of a toxic political environment. The seat is presently held by the popular Henry Waxman, so if winning is her ultimate goal, she certainly needs to apply her skills in  A Course in Miracles. What do you think of Williamson’s run?

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  1. Awesome and that was interesting to read her horoscope. I was surprised to read that she was running as an independent and not as a Democrat. .
    Thanks for sharing
    Suzie Cheel recently posted..BEing Strong Allows You To Step Into Your Greatness

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      She may vote Democratic, but running as an “Independent” mirrors the strong placement of Uranus in her horoscope (no one can tell her what to do… at least not for long). Thanks for your comment, Suzie

  2. I am so happy to see Marianne run for Congress. She would make an excellent, conscious and passionate public servant! Go Marianne!

  3. Firstly I saw this Ru Paul video yesterday and I loved it. I really enjoyed your reading of this and will be studying her chart more myself.I have always seen her tough edge and it puzzled me for a spiritual teacher at times – I always found her quite preachy. Therefore I think she would make a good politician. I also see it as a sign of the general shift to a more loving world. Not sure the country is ready for it yet but it will be very interesting to watch! It really is time to shift from fear to love and that is what I teach my clients :) Thank you!
    Louise Edington recently posted..The Power of Scorpio

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      Yes, Louise- the choice to have the discussion with Ru Paul is so in line Williamson’s message. He helps bring her bring it home. May it be heard loud and clear.

  4. I have read some of Marianne Williamson’s books, including ‘Return to Love’, a favorite. She brings a power-house of positive energy to her work, which is life transforming. It is not impossible for her to do the same at the level of Congress. (Observer status …;))
    Her platform should be really interesting/different.
    Kathy Gabriel recently posted..FOLLOW UP TO …

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      yes, Kathy- “Return to Love” is a favorite. Her candor is so touching to her audience and so refreshingly opposite what we see in the political arena!

  5. As a Canadian, I will have an eye on US politics as this unfolds. Marianne has such a unique way of talking to her audience that I think she will be able to hold in a political forum. Like Louise said, I am not sure if the world is ready for this, meaning I am not sure that she will win. BUT the world is exactly ready to begin thinking about it and to begin shifting their perspective. And every shift that happens has to begin somewhere. I think being on the verge of a shift into a love centered direction is so very very exciting for the world.
    Kate Lindsay recently posted..Make a Change and Have it Stick

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Kate. What’s exciting is that people who do not know of her work will hear of it. I am also sure that the pundits will kick around her personal disclosures, but Williamson is a seasoned teacher who can take the heat. I’ll write about her more to come.

  6. Our country needs visionaries, people of integrity who have the courage to put forth egalitarian policies. I see her announcement as a breath of fresh air to a political system that has gotten very stale and self-serving.

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      I agree, Anne. It’s exhilarating to have someone like Marianne Williamson be willing to get the message out to a stale and stilted bureaucracy- this in itself is a win.

  7. Thank you for the insight to Marianne – I identify with the focus on turning sharp edges into a peace being, and being my own student first before anyone else I guide.
    I am so happy to hear the news that she is running for office. I wish I lived in California and could vote for her. I believe that Marianne’s presence in politics is part of the inevitable shift in humanity.
    What a joy!

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/suna-senman/inner-state-crumbles-united-states_b_4046664.html (my latest post, which seems to support this news)
    suna recently posted..Peace in Action, Part 2 — ‘Feeding’ Peace

  8. I am pulling for her! If I lived in that district, I’d vote for her. I’ll publish news about her, help get the word out. I do believe she has a tough skin and I believe she can handle the tough political world! And she will be a great example to many on how to be.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |

    Julieanne Case recently posted..Life Long Passion for Food Part 8: Avocados

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      yes Julieanne, it will be fascinating how her district votes… it’s not as though she’s up against a Tea Party incumbant.

  9. I got tingles all over when I heard the news that Marianne would be running for Congress. I am so excited to see the start of change. I LOVE the astrological insight behind this power women and I thank you for that :) Also I am inspired by her rise from the ashes. I have Pluto conjunct my Moon in Scorpio and Saturn is currently headed that way, I realize now that this is a fabulous opportunity to soar. I have a Cap sun along with Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and North Node so I feel I’ve got the thick skin to handle it! Also I absolutely love how Jupiter touched her Venus during this time~divine!
    Shannon Hugman recently posted..Sun in Scorpio~Shattering the Illusion

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      It certainly sounds as though you’re ripe for creating a new paradigm, Shannon. Thanks for your thoughts

  10. I think that Marianne Williamson signing up to run for political office is absolutely perfect timing. Her willingness to go to places unknown is brilliant. She is a humanitarian and what better office than political to bring out those qualities. Marianne represents the kind of leadership we need to move us all into the new world we are building. She is strong and will not be swayed by her emotions when the going gets tough and it will. I love the synergy of this and the video is brilliant. Two points of view and its true that love cannot be defeated by fear.

  11. Marianne has such a unique way of talking to her audience that I think she will be able to hold in a political forum. I was surprised to read that she was running as an independent and not as a Democrat. .
    Thanks for sharing

    • Pamela Cucinell says:

      Thanks for your comment, Manya. I suspect the Independent bid is part of the point she is making. I am sure she’d be delighted to win and give it her all, but I do think her goal is not so much to win as to get her message out – politics needs a Love mandate.

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